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Socca (French Chickpea Bread)

This is a tasty street food that was invented in Nice. It’s essentially a crepe that is made from chickpeas and is cooked on a copper pan that is put into a wood-fired oven. You can put almost anything on it as a topping but it also works great for dipping into sauces. It’s also Vegan and vegetarian-friendly for those who are focused on healthy lifestyles.


  • 1 Cup Chickpea flour
  • 1-1 Cups Water
  • 4 Tbsp Olive oil
  • 1 Tsp Salt
  • Fresh cracked pepper
  • Fresh-chopped onion
  • Rosemary or thyme (optional)



Have a medium-size mixing bowl and add your chickpea flour. Slowly add the water and slowly whisk-it until it gets to be thick as heavy cream. Now you add your olive oil and salt and whisk that into the batter also. Now you let this mixture sit for at least 10 minutes. Add rosemary or thyme and also add your chopped onion for added taste.
Now you take a pizza pan and lightly coat the bottom with olive oil. Use a paper towel so the layer is even and not pooling-up. Now you can preheat your oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. After this, you can give your chickpea mixture a final whisk to make sure it’s all mixed. You carefully pour a thin layer over the bottom of the pizza pan. Make sure it’s spread evenly.


This then goes into the oven and cooks for 10 minutes or until the surface is golden brown. To give this a decent baking, the baking rack should be placed not too high from the overhead heat source. Place this at least ¼ of the distance from the top of the oven. If it burns too quickly, move it down a rung or two. All ovens are different so you’ll need to experiment.
Ideally, a pizza oven works best, but with an electric oven, you do need to make adjustments. After 10 minutes you take out the pizza tray and use a pizza cutter to make strips or triangles. Do this while it’s still warm on a cutting board. This way you can start the next batch. Now you can sprinkle the black pepper on top and serve on a plate.
These work great as a snack by itself or is enjoyed with red wine. Alternatively, you can drink rosé wine that might fit better the flavor of the chickpeas. If you want to dip this into a fondue for cheese, little wedges work best for dipping. You might try mixing a seafood sauce that includes fish or shellfish. For those who are vegetarians, a fresh mix of chopped tomatoes, garlic, basil, and onion (like Mediterranean salsa) is excellent instead.